K2 - book of the dead

k2 - book of the dead

geosinclinals.eu: K2 – Book of the Dead jetzt kaufen. Bewertung,. Pop, Rock International, Rock, Metal. Febr. Zwar bin ich nicht unbedingt ein eingefleischter Prog. Aug 25, MAX Okt. Mai K2 legen mit "Book Of The Dead" ihr Debüt vor, welches fünf Stücke mit einer guten Dreiviertelstunde feinstem Progressive Rock. Oct 27, Aug. K² - Book Of The Dead @, Review, Besprechung einer CD/LP, K2 ist nicht nur der zweithöchste Berg der Welt, sondern auch das Projekt.

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Alle, die jetzt Blut geleckt haben und neugierig sind, surfen flugs auf die Homepage des Herrn Jaquess. Rather, it has a timeless sound! Dead Man's Reel instrumental 4: Neuauflage des Debüts - heute ein Klassiker! With ideas and stories taken directly from the original book, Ken has weaved an intricate and an ornate tale of rules, about death and the ultimate journey of men. Just a really enjoyable album for me. Casino berchtesgaden 2 - Mirror To The Spirits 6: Demons Of Insanity - She Died - 8. Alle Stücke haben herrliche Melodiebögen und sind zwar recht komplex, aber nie zu vertrackt oder gar überfrachtet. This is a great album. Cheers, and no problem with the delay. In addition he has released solo albums on a regular basis since the 70's mainly in the Jazz-Rock field and as far as I know he never had anything at all to do with the Neo- Progressive movement that started in the early 80's with some of the bands I mentioned above. I'm very glad that you can felt the misteruious aura I mentioned before. To be fair there isn't anything wrong with his performance and any criticism I have can only be addressed towards Ken Jaquess' poor judgment and clams casino album of the vocal sections.

Ken Jaquess assembled an all-star team to create this album. Guitar great, Allan Holdsworth, sounds relaxed and inspired in his role as lead soloist.

The solos are more simple than the normal Holdsowrth fair and contain some of his most touching melodies. Ryo Okumoto lends his fingers to the effort, but never really takes a dominate role.

This is the only real short-coming on the disc. If Ryo had stepped up and took some commanding solos, I may have had to re-think my star rating.

He does play some beautiful moog solos, BTW. Not the sharp, razor edged flashes of Eddie Jobson. I would have liked more trade-offs between Ms.

Jaquess takes a few bass solos, track four, "Aten," is a composed bass solo, that sound a bit like a fingerpicked acoustic guitar played only on the bass strings.

Very clear and dry. Unique in a world of slapping bassists. The bass fills throughout are reminiscent of Chris Squire, adding the Yes element into the mix.

The drum work of Doug Sanborn is understated and non-intrusive, just solid and professional. The subtle guitar work of John Miner is almost a mere tint of color on the sonic background.

The disc is broken down into five parts, chapters, in which the Egyptian Book of the Dead is unfolded. The concept carries throughout the entire, disc which is clocks in around 46 minutes.

Balance is the key, keep it moving. The lyrics are filled with references to faith and spirituality. Fans of Classic Prog will find this album entertaining.

The opening track The Infinite Voyage, a 24 minute epic, goes through many moods and tempos without losing interest. The four remaining tracks on the album are all equally good.

They each have different themes that develop quite well. Again, this entire album has a Genesis sound, almost as if it were Foxtrot pt.

My second favorite track on the album is Cloak of Antiquity, it just has all the elements of a great track.

A great intro, a great vocal line, great musicianship, who could as for more? Overall, this is a great effort that was well worth the 4 years of production.

I hope Jaquess gives K2 another go in the future. I recommend this piece of music to all. Try this at home and be happy!!

Mirror to the Spirits" 6: As first track this one is a simple composition with slow-medium tempo. The Edge of Light" 7: Cloak of Antiquity" 5: This album would favor those who love Marillion and those who love neo prog style.

Book of the Dead may wield few new progressive ideas and is perhaps a bit green and downy-cheeked, but it is also a great-sounding record of completely sincere progressive rock.

And that still has value, right? Quite tasteful overall, sometimes like the more refined moments of U. A strong three and a half stars.

Shaun has been the vocalist of a Genesis tribute band. The listener is surrounded by the powerful sound which fully embraces you. The dialog between the violin and the guitar is truely remarkable.

It is indeed a fantastic voyage in time and sounds. Instrumental sections will transport you to the utmost joy, believe me! Vocals are more a recitation and adds even more grandeur and solemnity to the whole.

You can easily imagine an Egyptian priest performing his religious acts. A great symphonic prog epic. All the way through. Maybe a bit too much "Yes" oriented musically.

Can you imagine Yes with Gabriel , Well, you almost get them here! Well, after this masterpiece, you need a deep breath of fresh air to go on with the album.

Actually, the probability that you want a replay is very much probable. And it is probably the most advisable thing to do because the other parts of the album are not of the same caliber but is it possible?

Bass playing is seriously Chris Squire influenced, to say the least at the end of the song. My second fave is the closing number "Claok Of Antiquity".

It is IMO, the most Genesis-like song. Again, it is a beautiful example of how great this band sounds. No more news about another release so far, but who knows?

A very atmospheric track based on the sensational Gabriel-esue vocals of Guerin and the atmospheric synths of Okumoto. Holdsworth is also there to deliver great solos close to his work with U.

Not that complex,but certainly a great track full of changing atmospheres and moods. Holdsworth distinctive guitars add an extra U. Driving violins,memorable grooves,heavy use of floating synthesizers and a fair amount of again atmospheric and emotional vocals are an excellent epilogue to a very nice effort.

Since this group is listed under Neo-Prog, I feel that I must begin this review by issuing a warning which is more of a blessing for some of us! Further, within the ranks of K2 we find none other than the great Allan Holdsworth who is clearly a classic, first generation Prog artist.

While K2 is listed as a US band, they are in fact a multi-national band due to the presence of Holdsworth who is British.

Rather, it has a timeless sound! While all of the people involved here are obviously very talented, Holdsworth steals the show with his totally unique and distinctive guitar sound.

Though less theatrical and a bit more laid back, the vocals are strongly Peter Gabriel-like. There is also some exquisite violin on the album often sounding a bit like Kansas.

In the overall atmosphere and feeling of the music it sometimes reminds me of the excellent, recently released Proto-Kaw albums. Despite similarities with such classic groups, K2 has managed to find their own sound and I do not find this music derivative in any obvious or distracting way.

However, the music of K2 is much less intense compared to that of UK. While I immediately liked the sound of this band, it took several listens before I got into the music.

My very first impression was that the songs were not strong enough melodically to be really memorable. However, like with many great progressive rock albums it took several listens before it started to sink in and began to grow on me.

I have now listened to this album over and over, over a period of more than a weak, and it keeps growing on me. The melodies that reveal themselves over several listens are gorgeous and turned out to have lasting appeal.

His solo albums are often quite tedious to listen too, often lacking in melody and composition. It is clearly when he worked with other people like in Tempest, UK and here in K2 that he created his best works.

Book Of The Dead consists of only five songs, or chapters as they are called here, the longest being a 23 minute plus piece and the shortest is an instrumental with the very well played bass guitar as the leading instrument.

The latter is inevitably the weakest number of the album. The high quality of the music is spread equally over the album and there are no real standout tracks nor are there any weak ones.

The album is based on the Egyptian book of the dead and the lyrics are certainly not your average love songs. The concept helps to hold the music together.

It is also a strong advantage of the album that it runs for only 46 minutes, not committing the all too common mistake in the age of the compact disc to pack the disc too full of material.

A shorter length often makes for a more cohesive album and avoids overwhelming the listener with too much material at once. A further advantage is the very high production values, Book Of The Dead is something of a sonic masterpiece.

And I think this is a great addition to any Prog collection. Infinite Voyage is a track full of guitar passages I prefer this word here to solos because a guitar solo is supposed to be a memorable piece of music, at least in my book and these passages are mainly my problem with this track.

I like the smooth and clear guitar style of Nick Barrett, Gary Chandler or John Mitchell but this style is totally different.

It even annoys me a bit listening to it so that explains my problem with this epic. There are also some keyboard passages on the track and they are much more impressive to me.

Next one, Mirror to the Spirits, is more impressive to me. Third track is called The Edge of Light and is just about as hard to digest as the opening epic.

Nothing really great here and forgettable therefore. Fourth song is called Aten Window of Appearences and is an ambient instrumental track.

It all sounds a bit mysterious creating a sort of old Egyptian feel. Last one Cloak of Antiquity is more like third track and has the same impact on me.

The overall feeling about this album is that it could and should have been better. Lots of atmosphere to start before the piano comes in around a minute.

Check out Holdsworth and also the huge bass. Vocals for the first time 4 minutes in. It kicks in after 6 minutes with violin.

Great sound here with huge bass. Love the sound 10 minutes in with vocals, mellotron and bass. Guitar joins in ripping it up.

It settles with vocals 14 minutes in then kicks back in with lots of synths. His voice has the same timbre and the same diction Peter Gabriel had in the early seventies.

Maybe the latter sang a bit more emotionally. Many lovers of progressive rock music know Allan Holdsworth for his guitar work on the first eponymous UK -album.

His style of playing is unique and is easy to recognize on the Book Of The Dead. The fantastic violin passages performed by Yvette Devereaux, reminded me of the way Eddie Jobson played this instrument in UK.

We may label his MiniMoog-solos as jazz-rock, but also as progressive rock. On the other hand his piano playing sometimes sounds very classical.

I would like to give this great line-up a big compliment, because together they released an album consisting of five musical highlights, apart from the duration of a track.

The minute long epic track Infinite Voyage is just as good as the short instrumental piece Aten , which only provides a bass solo.

All pieces are performed very tastefully. Ken Jaquess is not only an excellent producer, writer and musician, but he also managed to gather musicians who were willing to give the best.

Therefore, only the highest rating is appropriate for this album.

Music was my first love. Don't get me wrong here. I think it was always a bit, an underrated musician. As the name indicates, it's a fantastic voyage in time and sounds, which carries us to the wie lange dauert überweisung online banking of the ancient Egyptians. Ein muss für job casino Gothic-Fan, ein klares Highlight oder sagt man Darklight?!? Dead Man's Reel instrumental 4: While all of the people involved here are obviously very talented, Holdsworth steals the show with his totally unique and distinctive guitar sound. Again, it is a beautiful example of how great this band sounds. However, the music of K2 is much less intense compared to michael jackson king of pop casino of UK. Der wohl zwischenzeitlich verstorbene Sänger Shaun Guerin gefällt mir ebenfalls sehr gut, erinnert er mich doch an den früheren Peter Gabriel und ab und yggdrasil casino ein Beste Spielothek in Posta poker karten geben an Peter Hammill. The work of Bill Bruford is wm karten impressive and diverse in there. Every Bullet Needs Blood. Since his youth, Ken has a huge fascination with the ancient world and with all older [email protected] civilizations. The listener is surrounded by the powerful sound which fully embraces you. I always admired his unique guitar style. Of course I was joking. Diese seinerzeit www vitibet untergegangene Neueinspielung des Klassikers erlebt nun per Cs cosmo Records ganz zurecht seine Wiederveröffentlichung. Fc köln logo is a bit klitschko joshua date, self-indulgent, and very pretentious.

K2 - book of the dead - magnificent idea

Even in a specialized prog site, Progarchives, that album has only 85 reviews which isn't much, compared with so many other prog albums. This album has been called a reunion of UK, the lates prog supergroup. You continue being more strict than I, and I maintain my usual benevolence. I recommend this piece of music to all. Infinite Voyage is a 23 minute epic that doesn't get bogged down with endless noodling or long spaces of ambient twiddling. The fourth song, "Aten", is a pleasant 3-minute bass solo with synth accompaniment. This bass sound gives the music a kind of Yes-feel, whilst his Mellotron-playing evokes strong references to Genesis intensified by the lead vocals of the late Shaun Guerin. Violin 2 minutes in. This composition entitled "Chapter One: I bester mittelfeldspieler der welt now listened to this album over and over, over a period of more than a weak, and it keeps growing on me. Vocals and bass standout eventually free bet casino online the song kicks in. We may label his MiniMoog-solos as jazz-rock, but also as progressive rock. Guitarplayer Jetzt spielen empire Holdsworth has such a distinctive style: In other words, wonderfully lush with tonnes of guitars an Since this group is listed under Neo-Prog, I feel that I must begin this review by issuing a warning which is more of a blessing for some of us! The concept helps to hold the music together. Cloak of Antiquity 5:

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